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Catfish Getters® are lightweight fiberglass bank line fishing poles complete with hook, line, swivel and sinker to make bank line fishing a snap.  Just insert fiberglass fishing pole into bank of creek, river, pond or lake. You can also fasten these new catfish rigs to trees,logs or docs with our bracket. You can use a clip in end of the pole where drilled and slide the rubber o-ring that holds the hook down to make the pole secure in the bracket.  Drop line into water deep enough to cover sinker. Use live bait such as bluegill, gold fish, small bullheads or large minnows or chubs for best results.  Catfish Getter® fiberglass fishing poles are lightweight to carry and are easy to see at night when using our reflective tape. We use 250 pound braided test line with in line egg sinkers, stainless steel swivels and stainless steel offset eagle claw hooks. The way the hook is attached to the line makes the fish get caught in the side of the mouth where it holds him securely and they won't get off.  Check your state laws for bank line setting and also the kinds of bait allowed.

River Bankline Pole Set

Set close to bank but far enough so that the line and hook don't get tangled up in the grass on the bank. Try to set them where water is not running too fast as in the above picture.

River Bankline Pole With Fish On!

Notice how flexible the pole is-This prevents the fish from getting off by keeping the line tight.

25 lb Channel Cat Caught on Bankline Pole

Notice the stiller water to my right where the water is running slower.  This is a good place to drop in the line.

Catfish GetterŪ Lake Set

This was one of two sets on same tree in Lake using the Orange Brackets.

This picture shows how we use the orange brackets to fasten the Catfish GettersŪ  to trees or logs.  We had two poles set on the same tree  with the brackets. We use 2 inch lag screws, put in with a battery operated drill. A clip pin goes in the already drilled hole on the end of the Catfish GettersŪ.  Then the black rubber that we use for the hook is slid down to hold it from moving too far. 

This picture is another of the bracket sets and also shows how much flexibility those fiberglass poles have. The swivel and offset eagle claw hook , keeps the catfish from getting off the hook.

Fish Caught on Catfish Getter® Lake Set--This yellow cat weighed 28 pounds.